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If you enjoy granola in traditional flavors, custom flavors, specialty diet recipes and everything in between, then this is the place for you.


Our mission: to provide a quality product with individual preferences.  We will try to provide ingredients with as few additives and preservatives as we can obtain.  We can make as many or as few pounds as you wish, with many ingredient options.

Where do you start?  First, look at the standard recipes to determine if there is something there that meets your needs as is, or with a few modifications.  Enter the number of lbs of each of your choices on the line to the left of the description of your choice. Print and mail the completed form to the address at the bottom of the page.  

If you would like something other than one of the standard recipes, then proceed to the ingredients order form and create your own recipe.  Please note the ingredients that are standard unless deletions or substitutions are requested.  Simply check your fruit and nut choices.  If you would prefer spices, flours, or sweeteners other than the standard, please mark those and cross out the standards.  If you want combinations of those items, mark all that you want in your order. 

When you have completed the order form, you must contact us via email or phone to confirm shipping costs and the total cost for your order.

Can we customize? Yes. With a custom granola order, you can to control which fruit, nuts, seeds, spices, sweeteners, oils, and flours are used in your own unique recipe.  Please limit fruit and nut choices to no more than six total. Custom orders MUST be discussed prior to order being filled.

Standard recipes are $9 per pound. Gluten Free recipes are $10 per pound. GF recipes are not produced in a certified GF facility.


*Oatmeal is used as the base ingredient in all recipes.

 Your comments and reviews are most appreciated.

Thank you,
Catha Thomas

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